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Buying real estate can be a really good investment. There are a few different approaches you can take. Many people choose to simply buy themselves a home and pay into the mortgage over time, building equity. You could also buy an apartment community or a couple of homes to rent out, profiting from the rent, and then profiting again when you sell the homes. Regardless of which approach you take, it is important to know the facts. This blog is a good place to find them! We state the facts on real estate, and we cover a wide range of topics for your benefit.


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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Mobile Home

Home may be where the heart is, but there are many types of structures that will work. From single-family homes to multi-family housing, from condos to mobile homes, the options are as varied as the people who live in them. In fact, over 20 million Americans live in a mobile home. 

What is a mobile home?

A mobile home is simply any home not built on a certain site. It is built elsewhere, usually in an enclosed, weatherproof factory, and shipped to the location where it will be used, as opposed to a stick-built home that is built on-site. One of the main advantages of mobile homes is that they do not have to contend with the weather slowing down the construction process the same way it does with stick-built homes. 

Are there different types of mobile homes?

There are several types of mobile homes. While each is built off-site, the way they are manufactured, transported, and affixed to a foundation varies. They include:

Mobile. A mobile home is typically a single-wide dwelling that was built in a factory and shipped to the site. It is not affixed to a permanent foundation and has a metal skirting around the base to hide the wheels. 

Manufactured. A manufactured home is a home that is fully manufactured in a factory. It may be delivered in one, two, or even three sections. The sections are then permanently affixed to a foundation that was installed on-site while the house was being built.

Modular. Sometimes called a pre-fab home, a modular home's pieces are built in a factory and assembled on-site, like giant building block pieces. It is permanently attached to its foundation. Modular homes can be ultra-contemporary glass homes or rustic log homes.  

Whether you choose a mobile, a manufactured, or a modular home, they are all alternative choices that can be built quickly and affordably. 

Can you get financing for a mobile home?

Financing for all variations of mobile homes that are affixed to a permanent foundation is available through traditional lenders. If the unit is not permanently attached, then you need to use a mortgage company that specializes in mobile homes. Your real estate agent or salesperson should be able to supply you with information on who finances mobile homes in your area. 

What other expenses are involved when you buy a mobile home?

Mobile homes need land. You can place yours in a park or community and pay a monthly lot rent. Alternatively, you can buy land and place the home on it. This option will require you to add all utilities yourself — well, septic, electricity, gas — whereas the park option should have readily available hook-ups. 

Buying a mobile home can be exciting, especially if you build your unit from scratch and pick out all the details. Choosing a mobile home can make the dream of homeownership a reality for you.